Vers, The Rap Game



vers is a freestyle rap-based card game

 The players compete to see who can create the best freestyle rap, but it uses a template system that makes it accessible to anyone. Players ad-lib their own freestyle raps to see who can differentiate themselves through rhymes.

I met a mermaid and she's not fake, and she's the reason I am awake, there are always fresh cookies that me and her make."

 -Rapped by Sidney Montana. 43 years old.  At a California Denny's


Vers is a Rap Game for you and your friends. All ages, all demographics, for you and for me. What you thought about rap doesn't exist in this game. It's fun and silly.

Vers makes it so you can rap and it's available on Amazon right here.


Spatch Games:

THe Story

 Jerry Spatch

Jerry Spatch

Founded by Jerry Spatch, a Boston Freestyle Rapper and a current  entrepreneurship student at Northeastern University. Spatch Games is a winner of Northeastern's Husky Start-up Challenge and was featured in Bostinno magazine as an up-and-coming start-up, Vers: The Rap Game is a product of Spatch Games.

Vers was created to break down what you know about rapping and make it for people everywhere.

"I was tired of people in university saying I shouldn't rap because it was unprofessional.  Everywhere I went, when people heard about rap they'd think of a bunch of things that it wasn't. So I made the game and it's fun and silly and everyone can play it."

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Have a bunch of fun and rap with your friends and family.